About Us

Climbing Monkeys Winery is a labor of love, founded on the notion that we live to love and laugh with friends and family. Wine-making has been a passion for many years, and now it is our pleasure to share that passion with you. Our wines are made to be enjoyed – and shared!

Located in Martinez, CA, nestled in the beautiful Alhambra Valley, CM is family owned and operated. Our First official public release was our 2009 Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon in late 2010. That year we began managing local East Bay vineyards, aiding their growth and sustainability. We are currently producing close to 450 cases and the wines are better than ever!

Visit the Winery

CM Winery will be closed temporarily while we relocate due to need for growth and expansion. In the meantime you can order CM wines online at www.climbingmonkesy.com. Order a bottle or more and release your interior monkey. Also, check our Facebook for progress!