2012 Merlot


Climbing Monkeys Winery Merlot
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I am the vine, the soil, the yeast, the oak, the grape. I am the fruit of labor that is bottled to be shared with a steak. I’ve been harvested, crushed, cold soaked, inoculated, punched, pressed and placed in a dark oaky hole. I smell good, taste like blackberries, I am a fruity little bastard, some say snozberries. Some say I’m bold, some like me warm, some like me cold. I play well with others, blend well in a group. I am little, I am big but most of all I am darn tasty with pig. I am Merlot and if you know my dad, he calls me Lolo.

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A fruitful wine with flavors of blueberries and blackberries. A soft, medium bodied wine with juicy fruit flavors along with warm spices. Aged twenty four months in french oak.

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