In 2004, we started in the garage at a small scale. In 2007 we moved in to our barn as production doubled, quality increased. Still one of our best years yet. In 2008 we recieved our bonding and we haven’t looked back. Over the the last three years that barn has taken on a new look of an old fashion winery. In 2010 we have made a lot of improvements for both function and quality. We have been busy renovating, adding a new glycol system, improving the lab, concreting the cold room, adding on a new crush pad. We are proud of our winery and the wines being produced out of it.

CM Winery is temporarily closed as we are relocating the winery for more growth. During this time the tasting room will be closed. In the interum you can order your favorite CM wine online at www.ClimbingMonkeys.com. We will keep you updated on the new winery.

You can buy our wines online under the heading wine shop. Order a bottle or two of Climbing Monkey’s and release your inner monkey!